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The Park & Ride bus links the town of Glastonbury with the Tor and other important sites.  Our visitors tell us that our proximity to Bristol Airport , Bath , the bath and west showgound, Shepton Mallet, Frome, Wells, Street, Yeovil is a key part of their decision to make their stay with us in Glastonbury Of course we also have guests who visit specifically for the Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury Extravaganza and the famous Glastonbury Carnival.Set in the magnificent and historic grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, the house offers a secluded, peaceful retreat for those in need of relaxation and spiritual nourishment. Programs are available at all the Glastonbury Elementary Schools and Gideon Welles (Smith students can attend Gideon) and follow the YMCA of the USA school-age curriculum and incorporate arts and humanities, character development, health, wellness and fitness, homework help, literacy, science and technology and social competence and conflict resolution.To provide you with the best experience on this website, cookies are used.  Volunteer Teacher/Naturalists to teach our Science/Nature/Animal/Ecology/Conservation classes for school children: We are looking for people who are experienced teachers, naturalists with teaching experience, education majors with a 4 year degree, masters level students with some teaching experience, or others with strong knowledge of the above topics who have taught school children.The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the organization and administration of all Town sponsored recreation activities and facilities.  Each sign of the Zodiac, along with a thirteenth effigy commonly known as the Girt (Great) Dog of Langport (five miles long) located outside of the Zodiac circle, and seemingly guarding the other signs, when explored on the ground appears to embody key elements related to that constellation or sign, such as place names, local legends, and the experiences of those visiting, living, or working there.Glastonbury information: Notorious for hosting some of the biggest and most aspiring names in music, Glastonbury Festival takes place over a 5-day period, come rain or shine, down in Pilton, Somerset as it has done for the past 45 years.  This book by Coleston Brown with illustrations by Jessie Skillen contains the fruits of many years working with the Avalonian mysteries in and around Glastonbury in Somerset, UK. The slim volume offers a wealth of information, from an introduction to the teachings of Dion Fortune, to the concept of the Glastonbury Zodiac as discovered by Katherine Maltwood - a fascinating notion that the signs of the Zodiac exist in massive earthworks around Glastonbury.
The Survey states that the theory that the terraces on the slopes of the Tor are theremains of a gigantic Neolithic ritual maze cannot be absolutely ruled out, though there is no archaeological evidence which unequivocally supports it. Excavations on the Tor have recovered flints of the Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods; and the remains of a settlement in use between the 5th and 7th centuries.Medieval Grail knights and, in ages past, Celtic warriors would have navigated the paths tackling the psychic constructs of the terrestrial zodiac, before experiencing the zodiac`s ultimate mysteries at its centre point, marked on the map as a triangular enclosure next to the site of an ancient cross just outside of the medieval village of Butleigh.It is perhaps his mention of an acausal relationship between the consciousness of humanity and the landscape that offers something of a glimmer of hope in trying to understand the process that seems to be occurring here as, seemingly in collusion with human consciousness, the British landscape appears to have `manifested` over 50 gigantic zodiac simulacra of zodiac symbols, `mostly emblematic animals, in the shapes of its natural and its cultured landscape`.Well - a trophy of whale`s jaws hangs on Glastonbury`s Abbey Gate... Here in Brittania`s Zodiac Wheel is St George of England, arms out-flung in the patronal cross; Cornish St Michael, complete with horse and dragon; even Scottish St Andrew, who, as dragon-quelling Indara of the Indo-Eryans, left diagonal crosses on pre-Christian stones all over Scotland.Although the Glastonbury Zodiac idea caught the imagination of the mystics of the 1920`s, part time and professional, it was quickly dismissed by landscape historians and archaeologists and soon forgotten… were it not for Mary Caine, a writer from Kingston, who revived an updated version of the idea in a 1969 edition of the hippy” magazine Gandalf`s Garden.